Friday, 25 May 2012

Public information films for drivers

A few stills from some black-and-white public information films, all informing drivers on different aspects of road law; I have no information on who made them. First is Losing Your Driving License...

"Why isn't something done about it?"

"Something is being done!"

"Drivers who endanger lives risk losing their licenses automatically for committing offences such as beaking the speed limit, failure to stop after an accident, dangerous driving, three times in three years. They lose their licenses for at least six months."

"Drivers who isk othe people's lives risk losing the license to drive."

Next is the very straightforward If You Drink, Don't Drive. All the narrator says is "if you drive, don't drink; if you drink, don't drive."

And finally here's European Road Language.  This one appeas to be from 1965 which was, I believe, when the red triangle roadsigns were first used in Britain.

"There is a common lanuage in Europe: the language of the road."

"It's a sign language, and in it, red triangles are a warning of danger."

"There's a lot to this language - you can become fluent by reading this booklet. Be sure; be safe."

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